About Us

WeArtColombia is an independent artist collective which, during its history has curated and invited important contemporary artists from Colombia to be showcased in some of the biggest art events in major cities around the globe. Such cities include New York, London, Rome, Bogotá, Miami and Tokyo.
WeArtColombia has presented a variety of mixed-media artworks ranging from traditional oil painting, to collages, graffiti inspired canvases using stencils, toy art and sculptures. All events have showcased a diverse combination of techniques and wide-ranging creative skill sets.
The collective is a group of Colombian artists living in different parts of the world and when there is an exhibition in a city, they meet to show the best of Colombian art and its history. Training is also provided to support the next generation of artists emerging from the international focus of the brand we art Colombia.
in its effort to highlight and present the best of Colombian art and culture to the rest of the world. The work of WeArtColombia has been covered by important local and international press media such as: El Espectador newspaper, CityTV, RaiNews from Italy, Viceversa Magazine, Metropolis Magazine and Tokyo beat from Japan, among others.
We Art Colombia continues to present the work of important Colombian and south American artists in major venues around the globe. The following list is a brief summary of some of the venues where WeArtColombia has been presented and some of our artists.

We Art Colombia

We Art Colombia stands as a beacon of artistic excellence, bringing together more than 90 artists and their diverse creations. This collective serves as a vibrant tapestry, interweaving the unique perspectives, techniques, and visions of these talented individuals into a captivating artistic landscape. By nurturing collaboration, fostering creativity, and promoting the work of these artists, We Art Colombia is making a significant contribution to the cultural fabric of Colombia and beyond. It is through initiatives like this that the power of art to inspire, unite, and transcend boundaries truly shines.

Artists who have participated in we art colombia

1. Alvaro Perez
2. Tot
3. Juan Mantilla
4. Ana Maria Camejo
5. Xolo
6. Melissa Angel
7. Andres Moreno
8. Moyo Lafenachi “Gonzalo Ruiz”
9. Andrés Pupo
10. Zabrina Garzón
11. Eduardo Mantilla
12. Camilo Hernández Amaya
13. Paola Tarazona
14. Hernando Balguera
15. Robert Saldarriaga
16. Camila Ospina
17. Alex de La Torre Carbonell
18. Maria Ortego Palau
19. Laura Mogollón
20. Nana Saldarriaga
21. Camila Ussa
22. Jeisson David Catillo
23. Luis Daniel Pedroza

24. Andrea Bernal
25. Camilo Pinto
26. Jehan Abdul Rahim
27. Vane MG
28. Vanessa Tamayo
29. Ximena Pineda
30. Carlos Molina
31. Victor Aroz
32. Daniel Rojas Roa
33. Angela Maria Santacruz
34. Lwduin Espitia “Pillelos”
35. Hormiga Zangana
36. María Camila Chinchilla
37. Juan Daniel Bentacur
38. David Bolanos
39. Fulaleo
40. Mary Obando
41. Paloma Castello
42. Julia Guerrero
43. Juda
44. Neve
45. Empty Boy
46. Gska

47. Soc Jaime
48. Miel
49. Sol
50. Likmi
51. Yuzapata
52. Manuela Gonzales
53. Daniel Alvarez
54. Vanilla Art
55. Juan Salazar
56. Betel
57. Fabian Buitrago
58. Moody
59. Zurc
60. Hueso
61. Sowen
62. Teck 24
63. Darares 93
64. Luisina Caceres
65. Diana Pachón
66. Empty Boy
67. Chicadania
68. Marcelo Castellani
69. Pablo Diaz-Granados

70. Sako asko
71. Peds
72. Notable
73. Lik Mi
74. Taty Gomez
75. Ela
76. Alejandro Rahut
77. Mateo Lamus
78. Chanoir
79. Mood Atlas
80. Neve
81. Juda
82. GS Camilo
83. Japu
84. The Awful Art
85. Chirrete Golden
86. Esbinote
87. Esteban Gro
88. Nicolás Contreras
89. Sol
90. Christian Arciniegas
91. Karen Kato
92. El Xupete Negre
93. Dante Nicho